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With our ideas we want to give you some suggestions on what you can do with Malinos products. Whether painting, airbrushing or handicrafts, we have created some instructions for each area. And now you do magic.
Feather print T-shirt
Requirement : advanced
World map
Requirement : easy
Preparing stencils
Requirement : easy
Get to know the airbrush pens
Requirement : easy
Butterfly wreath
Requirement : advanced
Airbrush pens on textiles
Requirement : easy
How to use the airbrush pens properly
Requirement : easy
Gift wrapping
Requirement : easy
magic Airbrush pens on paper
Requirement : easy
Batik T-shirt with airbrush
Requirement : easy
Checkered top
Requirement : easy
Autumn card
Requirement : easy
Airbrush pens on paper
Requirement : easy
Congratulations card balloons
Requirement : advanced
Silk scarf with a poppy pattern
Requirement : difficult
Paper decor
Requirement : easy
Picture aurora borealis
Requirement : easy
Dinosaur pillow cover
Requirement : easy
Download templates
In the download area we have lots of free templates for your own ideas.
To the downloads

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